Ways to Increase Search Engine Rankings Quickly

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The term ‘SEO’ gets all the traffic. It’s a great word that gets thousands of people every day. If you have a website and you want people to find it, then ‘SEO’ is what you need. In this article, I’ll present three quick and easy ways to make a big impact on the search engines:

Build quality backlinks

Getting good rankings on Google happens by building backlinks slowly. All SEO is not about tricking the search engines. It’s about building these links slowly over time. So if you want to rank well for a search term, you need to build links slowly. There are many different ways to build links. A couple of my favorites are:

Learn how to offer your website for free. This can bring tons of inbound links very quickly. If you build a useful site people will want to link to it. The strategy includes keyword research, content creation, site structure, how to submit to directories, how to write press releases, how to get incoming links, etc.

Build a blog

Blogging is an awesome way to get incoming links to your website. It’s also a great way to ‘spilot traffic’. Not sure how to start or how to carry out a blog? Every link to your site will help. You can look for other blogs with the same ‘eye-catching took’ as yours and leave comments with a link to your site. Make a post and put a link to your site in the comment. Many blogs look for the highest quality comments that are relevant and generous. Submitting a huge amount of links in a short time should make you suspicious. There are several ways to build links to your blog:

Use the Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are quickly becoming the most popular online destinations. By creating a page for your brand or business you can ‘spice up’ your profile and introduce your business to hundreds of thousands of new people. There are seasonal opportunities on most social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, that allow you to reach out to those people around the Christmas season.

Social media is a dynamic new tool that can promote your business and interact with potential customers. Use top sites like YouTube, Viddler, and U inflammation shared by SEOmoz to connect with potential customers. These tools do not just provide you with an opportunity to get a link back to your site; they also show the value of trust and popularity, which is an important concept for Google when they’re deciding where to rank your website.

Review radio, TV, and print advertisements

Use both of these sources to promote your business. List your main website on both of the paid listings sites on Google and Yahoo. As people are looking for the best prices on the internet, be sure to list the prices of your products and services on both of the major social media sites.

Go to conferences and trade shows

Unless you are at sea on an island or haven’t been noticed by the regular online and offline media, you’ve probably attended a few conferences and trade shows. You should make a list of the biggest, most popular expos, and annual conferences. By attending and making a video of your experience you can promote your business on social media sites and use the event to help build backlinks.

Write an article

Although the number of hard-washes and legit content writers’ talent is limited, there are tons of opportunities for you to provide content to other websites. Article writing is in high demand and can quickly be a way to provide a unique take on existing content. Just start with identifying an article topic, writing a compelling statement about the topic, and selecting a list of top article directories, where you can submit your article. Advise and create a short article on how readers can pursue a topic further, providing a link.

Create a video

Some businesses are trying to take their Google video SEO to the next level. If you’re in the New York Metro Area, you can easily pick up some of the most desirable video optimization services available. The top sites for this kind of video optimization are tags and similar.


These SEO techniques fall right in line with Google vantages. If you want to improve your prospects for your website and increase your sales, you should be able to leverage Google in some of your SEO campaigns. You must be able to localize your SEO campaigns and hit specific geographical areas to improve your visibility and success.

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